SOLUCIONES AERONAUTICAS DE GALICIA S.L., a company specialized in the manufacture of drones for long distances, has received the notification of the patent grant from the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

The 7 claims filed have been accepted, thus protecting the differentiating aspects of the ANDURIÑA 25 model.

In accordance with the law, the OEPM has interpreted that, due to its differentiating characteristics, the ANDURIÑA 25 model is a novelty, there is an inventive step and it has industrial application.

This grant prevents unauthorized third parties from manufacturing, selling or importing our product. This protection significantly improves SAEGA’s competitive position in an emerging long-range drone market.


“It is a vertical take-off and landing aircraft, with a novel structural concept, containing eight propulsor assemblies, two pivoting lifting surfaces (front, rear) and a mixed lifting surface (fixed in the central part and pivoting on the sides). By means of a single pivoting mechanism that rotates all moving parts in a coordinated manner, this aircraft switches from a vertical flight mode, where thrust from the thrusters is used to lift the aircraft, to a horizontal flight mode where the aircraft is supported by aerodynamic forces created in its wings and thrust from the thrusters is used to propel the aircraft horizontally drastically reducing energy consumption.”



Link to the patent: