What do we do

We are a manufacturer of multipurpose autonomous drones. We have designed a new generation of drones seeking efficiency and redundancy in all their critical systems to guarantee our clients safe flights and missions.

At SAEGA we can help your company make the leap to logistics by air.

SAEGA aircraft are built to order and distributed to operating companies and public administrations to carry out missions in sectors as important as agriculture and livestock, industrial maintenance and inspection, border control, transportation, delivery of medical supplies, salvage and rescue, surveillance, or control of forest fires among others.

About us

Founded in 2020, Aeronautical Solutions of Galicia S.L. (SAEGA) is a drone manufacturing company based in Galicia, Spain. It is made up of a team of specialists in aeronautical structures, avionics and communications.

Our experience in the sector supports us.

At SAEGA we are committed to the environment. We are committed to electrification and the continuous search for innovative solutions.

Anduriña 25

The Anduriña 25 prototype is already a reality. It is the first hybrid aircraft with vertical take-off capability, great autonomy and load capacity of up to 5 Kg.

Anduriña 25 has a new innovative structural and aerodynamic design that allows it to fly in reliable and safe conditions without compromising the integrity of the aircraft or the load it carries. It has been designed to transport multiple payloads, and has a considerable increase in autonomy, range and load capacity, compared to existing drones on the market, all of which improves stability and safety.

Patented model

At a time when the Galician aeronautical industry does not stop growing, in October 2021 we have obtained the patent for the Anduriña 25 model, which combines the latest technological advances in terms of manufacturing in composite material, efficiency aerodynamics and optimization of the structure to achieve greater lightness.